Library Unit ( )
Kepala : Dr. Endah Rita Sulistya Dewi, S.Si., M.Si
Secretary : Heny Sumarsono,S.S.

The Library at University of PGRI Semarang has been established since 1981. By the initiative of Taruna, SH (retired rector), improvement of its facilities and collections were made in 1985. Then in 2007,the library was developed into modern one which occupies four-story building.

The students and lecturers can borrow the references by a distance through computerized system. This library is also connected to other libraries in central Java and Yogyakarta including library of University of Diponegoro, University of Semarang, UDINUS, GadjahMada University, Yogyakarta Public Library, and Semarang public library. Its management and operational activities have fulfilled ISO 2010 standard.

Vision : create an integrated library with information technology-based by the end of 2017

Mision : (1) increase the professionalism of the work; (2) maintain facilities and infrastructure; (3) improve the service.

Types of collection : : (1) the reference; (2) textbooks and supplementary readings; (3) audio visual (4) manuscript

The library has applied automation software: CYPRUS Software (Library Information System) for example is used to assist the management of the library in designing and developing the speed and accuracy of library administration process. Application of this technology is used for the purpose of; (1) Data entry of bibliography; (2) Service circulation and book reservations; (3) Internet service; (4) OPAC (on-line Public Access Catalogue)

The systems and facilities Services: (1) system is an open service, which means that the borrower can immediately see and select the text book or references. (2) Users can find collections quickly because it has been supplied electronically search tools (software Cyprus) in the form of an electronic catalogue.