Head : Ir.Agung Handayanto, M.Kom

This unit is responsible for processing and controlling academic information system as well as developing all facilities regarding the computerised system of academic and non-academic activities, and the data at University of PGRI Semarang.



Mewujudkan Universitas PGRI Semarang sebagai perguruan tinggi berbasis Teknologi Informasi dan Komunikasi (TIK) yang profesional, unggul dan berjati diri.


  1. To develop ICT tools for supporting the University of PGRI Semarang in academic activities so it can develop graduates who possess pedagogical, personal, professional, and social competencies.
  2. To develop ICT for improving the performance of the University of PGRI Semarang in conjunction with the management and academic services such as finance activities, student affairs, cooperation, research and community services.
  3. To develop ICT tools for supporting the advancement of Indonesian Teachers’ Association (PGRI).

Position at management structure

  1. This unit has very importance position as the core unit and thus its manager has direct line of authority to the rector or president of the university and in conducting its day-to-day job the head of this unit is assisted by a secretary. Their job performance is evaluated by the rector through vice rector IV.
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Jobs and Responsibilities Head of Computational unit

  1. Designing the plan(either short term, mid-term,or long term planning);
  2. Making Standard Operational Procedure of ICT equipment, operation, utilization, and maintenance of computer network;
  3. Managing and ensuring smooth access of information and communication to the local network and the global network for all users;
  4. Disseminating the information regarding the services of this unit to all users;
  5. Coordinating and providing technical assistance periodically to lecturers, staff, and students of PGRI University;
  6. Implementing management by objective to the needs of the university;
  7. Submitting periodical report to rector.

Job and Responsibilities of the secretary

  1. Designing action plans of the unit;
  2. Substituting the head of the unit in case of his absentee;
  3. Implementing financial affairs;
  4. Conducting managerial activities;
  5. Doing day-to-day activities;
  6. Giving service to all lecturers, staff, and students of PGRI University;
  7. Submitting periodical report of the implementation to the head of the unit.

Job and Responsibilities of Computer Net Working staff

  1. Designing Networking Plan including hardware and software facilities;
  2. Conducting Networking topology for local and internet links;
  3. . Cabling (building or non building) switching management of local and internet links;
  4. . Routing the bandwidthand firewall management
  5. Giving services to the Computer Laboratories 1 and 2 and providing internet connection to other units, lecturers’ rooms, students, and staff;
  6. Maintaining and repairing ICT facilities in the classroom, offices, and other units within University of PGRI Semarang; . ;
  7. Assisting High School students during their Field Work Practice at PGRI University;
  8. Providing training on Computer Networking and Hardware;
  9. Submitting report on the implementation of activities that had been designed;
  10. Carrying out other duties assigned by head of the unit.

Job and Responsibilities of Information System division

  1. Designing the Information System planning;
  2. Developing of Academic Information Systems as supporting academic activities;
  3. Designing and building more Information System of non-academic at the University of PGRI Semarang;
  4. Maintaining the web domain . .
  5. Backing up the system; (backup system)
  6. Developing online learning media (e-learning.
  7. Developing , managing and disseminating of web-mail; web-mail
  8. Developing online journals prociding (e-jurnalonline prociding (eprosiding) and repository (e-prints); evaluasi prociding ,and online evaluation of the academic activities;
  9. Conducting Operational Training to the staff and lecturers of PGRI Semarang University;
  10. Submitting report upon the completed activities.

Carrying out other duties assigned by head of the unit.