Program Description

Food Technology Study Program is established with the purpose to prepare human resources who master food processing technology. In the program, the students are given basic food technology including biology, chemistry, biochemistry and physiology. Post- harvest technology is also important to be mastered by the students before they graduate. The program is expected to produce competitive, excellent, and self-confident graduates.


Being an excellence program in the field of food engineering based on local wisdom and the advances of science and technology


  1. Take active role in developing food industry in accordance with local wisdom and the advances of science and technology through the implementation of the development of education, research and community sustainability.
  2. To develop excellent graduates in assessing, developing, and processing food product based on local wisdom and in accordance with the progress of science and technology.


  1. Have good faith, obedience to God, and have a high awareness to the citizens as well;
  2. Have high personal integrity, good moral, excellent, independent, competitive, and self-identity;
  3. Are able to apply the knowledge of Food Technology for professional purposes;
  4. Able to compete and grab market share in the food engineering at national and international levels;
  5. Are capable to develop entrepreneurial spirit and create new jobs for themselves and others in the field of Food Technology.


  1. This program distinguished feature has made it different from the same study program at other universities. The study program has been known as food testing centre of new food products in central java.
  2. data yang selalu mutakhir, lengkap, dan akurat, serta mudah diakses oleh semua pelaku produsen dan konsumen pangan; termasuk juga sistem informasi konsumsi yang efektif untuk mengedukasi berbagai kelompok masyarakat konsumen pangan;
  3. Teknologi uji cepat cemaran kimia dan mikroba patogenik sebagai alat untuk pengawasan pangan, khususnya yang bersumber dari kelautan.


Prospect of the graduates

The graduates of this study program can work at food industries, government and private institutions, or develop their own business in the field of food technology, enzymology, and other related fields such as food industry, beverages industry, intermediate products, raw material suppliers, food quality control or marketing, They can also take the position as super visor, manager, researcher or science teachers,etc. . . . .



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