Head of BAAK : Dra. Ismaryuningsih

Vice head for Akademic Administration : M. Fajar Dharma Putra, S.E.

Vice head for Registration and Accreditation : Riska S.T.

Vice head for Students’ affair : Dwi Koko Prasdiyanto, S.E.

Vice head for Talented Students and Alumni : Nur Fitriya, S.E.


Unit of Academic Administration and students’Affairs (BAAK) is responsible for the successful implementation of all academic administration and students’ participation during their study at University of PGRI Semarang.

The functions and tasks of BAAK are similar to those of other units within the university. The main function is to facilitate smooth implementation of all planning made by the head of the unit---to increase the academic service both to the lecturers and students. BAAK should cooperate with Academic Affairs, Teaching and Learning Division, Accreditation Section, Students’ Affairs, and Alumni Division.

This unit has to report all of its activities to the rector through vice rector for academic and students’ affairs.